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Research Projects

The ATLAS Research Lab is an educational research group with an overarching objective of enhancing student learning through: evidence-based in-class approaches to teaching (1), meaningful student assessments (2), and vocationally-relevant course design (3).

The ARA Project: Anatomical Representations of All

Research Coordinator: Andre Williams

Collaborator(s): Dr. Leslie Mackenzie

Current Student(s): Callie Silverton, [open]

Funding: University of Toronto, Department of Surgery - Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, Indigeneity, and Accessibility (EDIIA) Initiative Fund


The EEPA Project: Essential Embryology for the Pathologists' Assistant

Collaborator(s): William Tsui; Drs. Fang-I Lu and Avrum Gotlieb

Current Student(s): Samantha Nacci

Funding: Internal support provided by the Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathobiology


The UDE Project: Evaluating the Undergraduate Dissection Experience for Evidence of Career Influence

Collaborator(s): Drs. Kristina Lisk and Dee Ballyk

Current Student(s): Jana Hamoud Ali


Funding: University of Toronto, Faculty of Arts & Science - Pedagogical Research Grant

The Conformity Project: Conformity and Persuasion as Negative Social Influences During Two-Stage Collaborative Testing

Collaborator(s): Dr. Judi Laprade

Current Student(s): Jennifer Choi, Peter Lombardi


"Unconferencing" to Improve Education Research Designs

Collaborator(s): Drs. Stephanie Attardi, Vic Roach, and Kristina Lisk

Current Student(s): George Nader


Funding: American Association for Anatomy - Research Outreach Grant

The Pacing Project: The Impact of Examination Pacing Structure on Student Anxiety and Performance

Collaborator(s): Dr. Kristina Lisk

Current Student(s): Angelo Sotto, Peter Lombardi


Funding: University of Toronto Provost - Learning and Education Advancement Fund

The MGL Project: Movement-Guided Learning for Musculoskeletal Knowledge Application

Collaborator(s): Chris DeZorzi; Drs. Nicolette Richardson and Scott Thomas

Current Student(s): Peter Lombardi


The CCMCQ Project: Critique-and-Correct Multiple Choice Questions as an Assessment Tool

Current Student(s): Angelo Sotto, Avni Bhargava, Andrew Long


Funding: York University, Faculty of Health - Innovation in Teaching Award

The GAPA Project: Gross Anatomy for the Pathologists' Asisstant

Collaborator(s): William Tsui

Current Student(s): Adryan Korzen

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