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Advances in Teaching and Learning in the Anatomical Sciences

We are an educational research team interested in enhancing student learning through innovative pedagogy in the anatomical sciences.

About the Lab

Led by Dr. Danielle Bentley (Assistant Professor, teaching stream), the ATLAS Research Laboratory consists of a small collection of researchers interested in the ways that students learn human anatomy. At the moment, the lab is primarily interested in student assessments, including two-stage collaborative testing, self-paced laboratory bell-ringer examinations, and modified multiple-choice questions. Using this website you can learn about our current projects, meet the team members, read about our recent published work, and keep up to date via our lab blog.

A vertical collage of active members in the ATLAS Research Lab as of Fall 2021. From top to bottom: Dr. Bentley, Philippe Contreras Lafaury, Sarah Eid, and Angelo Sotto.

Blog Posts, News, Events

1 King's College Circle, Toronto, ON

(416) 978-7559 

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